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Wow, talk about handcuffing. One thing I am interested in is if they apply
this policy to Microsoft/Sun/Oracle/{$Enterprise} software. Most
institutions I know seem to feel that since they've paid the big bucks for
this software they better stay up with the latest to be safe.

If this is the case for your situation you might want to encourage that
this to is required for such things as this server and what it is doing.

Enterprise or not they should see the business model for this.



If you *have* to stay at 3.2 you might want to consider shifting away
(IMHO) from packages/ports and start to work with the individual packages
themselves. Keeping in mind that if this is a production server you should
probably get a pre-production box with 3.2 on it and do your 'playing'
around there. FreeBSD is in the most part a good system to install
software on from the original source tar.gz.


- MySQL will install but you will have to place a fair amount of time
getting a proper foundation in place prior to actually attempting it.
(NOTE: Threads, compiler, make, etc.)

- PHP should be less of a hassle unless your ./configure line looks like a
short story.

On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 gfoster9055 at wrote:

> At this momment I am not allowed to up date from FreeBSD 3.2 to another
> version, this machine sits at a school and there policies are slow, so I
> have to use what is there for the most part, what I need to do is add
> some packages like mysql, update php etc.....  I was wondering if anyone
> knew if FreeBSD 3.2 uses the same package manager has 5.3? Does anyone
> know where I might be able to find docs for 3.2? Since this is a
> production server I can't just play and try things like I want to. Any
> info would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Greg
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