gtar failing, please help!

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Thu Feb 3 00:39:07 PST 2005

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> for me, my experience down scsi tape units and freebsd has been a road
> into the black abyss. I've finally got the tape dumps to work -- but
> it took many hours of trial and error. 
> btw, I wonder how many tape unit users get burned by the fact that
> they don't test their tapes -- and when they need the tape find that
> it was bad..

Probably lots - I always use the compare switch in my tar backup
scripts to avoid that.

Have you ever had the un-pleasure of working with Sun's tar, though?
no compare switch, and the kernel only reports tape block errors
to the console.  (assuming your lucky enough to have a tapedrive
that reports errors back to the kernel that the kernel understands)


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