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Gert Cuykens gert.cuykens at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 18:20:26 PST 2005

> Don't want to be rude but do you have a specific reason for running
> xscreensaver as root?
> Chris

Well the reason is very simple actuale lets pretend we have a user
gert. User gert has alot of pictures and music stuff phone numbers
user gert dont want does things to be gone. Somebody hacks user gert
because user gert uses a screensaver. And the hacker deletes all
files. User gert is not happy because he lost everything. Do you think
user gert gives a chit that the system was untouched because the
hacker did not had root permission ?

For me its wrong to think user accounts are not importend because they
do for the average window xp single user. They dont care about viruses
infection on there system reinstalling everything they care about
there files.  So if sreensaver is a securty risc as root i doesnt mean
its not a security risck for a user account. The only differens
between a root and user should be that users can not read or mess with
other users files. The security sould be EXACTLY the same. So if root
can not run a screensaver then the users can also not run a

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