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Wed Feb 2 13:07:38 PST 2005

I dont think there really is a more commonly used one.  It kind of moves in 
cycles.  There used to be quite a few posts about IPfilter.. its quick, 
easy, and secure.  Then there was a buzz around IPFW.. its a bit more 
cumbersome.. but also very secure.. and along with dummynet.. there are many 
possibilities.  The latest buzz is PF, especially now that ALTQ options are 
here in the kernel..

check out a couple of articles and see which one works best for you:


Hope this helps

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Subject: IPF, IPFW, or IPFILTER?

> The author of the FreeBSD handboodk prefers IPF (ipfilter) because
> its stateful rules are much less complicated....
> The author of "The Complete BSD" talks about IPFW (ipfirewall)
> only.  People on this list talk of PF (packetfilter) quite a bit.
> What is the most "commonly used" firewall for a web/email host
> server with a static IP address connected directly to the Internet?
> (protecting itself)
> What is the most "commonly used" firewall for a gateway/router/
> network firewall server in front of several other boxes?
> (protecting others and itself)
> Thanks,
> Andy
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