OT: Funny disclaimers (Was: Re: ssh root@localhost)

Nico Meijer lists at familiemeijer.org
Wed Feb 2 12:57:41 PST 2005

Hey Chuck,

> You cannot be forced into a legally binding contract simply by reading
> a  statement, no.

Thank $DEITY that's still true.

> That doesn't mean the author won't try to sue people anyway, 
> but even a spammer is unlikely to have anything to worry about unless
> the  author is remarkably dedicated to wasting time and money
> following through.

I read that 'agreement' about 20 times before posting. I am definately
not worried about getting sued by him (whose name I am 'legally'
refrained from mentioning here; because, by reading his message, I
obviously agreed not to mention 'he who cannot be mentioned'; I thought
"Jahweh" had a patent on that...), but I found it to be utterly

My first reaction was "WTF? This is the stupidest disclaimer I have
*ever* seen.". Then I wondered whether Austrian people have a special
kind of humor. Then, I decided to ask.

Again, sorry for the noise; this time I couldn't resist.

Thanks and bye... Nico

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