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Hi Erik,
> I have been thrown off the list because of too many bounces, turns out
> that has been listed at,
> $ host
> has address
> How on earth did it end up there? are someone mad at us? mx1 is not 
> listed, but it appears that most list mail comes from mx2...
> I have had other problems trying to filter spam, yet recieve
> legitimate  mail on the lists - I'm using postfix. How do you set up
> your filters?

Have you contacted postmaster at He should get in contact with
SORBS and get the host delisted. My theory about how mx2 ended up there:
Maybe somebody has an automated spam submitting system and SORBS parsed
the addresses of one of the few spam messages that get through the list
or either someone intentionally submitted a forged e-mail there.

Either way, SORBS is a total joke and nobody should ever use them. They
unilaterally blacklisted my /16 and there's zero change I'll ever get
delisted until I pay the $50 "extortion fee". Apparently the facts that
I've had the same IP for 5 years and that I publish SPF records don't

I laugh at the "Fighting spam by finding and listing Exploitable
Servers." title in their web page. Google for 'sorbs sucks', nice reads

If you want to filter spam you can use spamassassin (disablig the sorbs
and spews tests) and greylisting which works very well. SPF checks also
catch a few forged e-mails on my server (probably virus-generated but
spam nonetheless.)

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