User Limits

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Feb 2 05:55:35 PST 2005

"Simon" <simon at> writes:

> I can't seem to find a way to limit FD per UID nor a way to limit memory per
> UID Both of these can only be applied per process basis. Is there a reason
> why  FreeBSD still doesn't support these limits per UID? it would very useful
> to be able to limit per UID as well as per process. My current problem is that
> I have some user processes which need, let's say, 50mb of memory, but I
> also want to make sure that no single user is using more than 500mb of
> memory at any given time. Unfortunately, I also need to give users ability to
> spawn more than 10 processes and without per UID limits, if I set a limit of
> 20 processes per UID, 20 x 50mb would yield usage over 2x that of 500mb.

I've been able to solve such problems by adding a limit on the number
of processes per user, but that really only works because my
environment is limited.  

I can imagine trying to write a daemon that would monitor usage and
kill processes if they exceeded usage.  It's a clunky solution, though.

> PS: I wasn't sure if I could address this on freebsd-arch, so it's going here.

If you're offering to write kernel modifications to do it, then you
should take it there.  Otherwise, this probably is the right place.

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