Dealing with ports installations

Joshua Tinnin krinklyfig at
Wed Feb 2 05:39:15 PST 2005

On Wednesday 02 February 2005 03:13 am, Tom Moyer <tommoyer at> 
> I have a question.  I attempted to install a port and when it failed
> I realized that it installed its dependancies that I don't need.  ( I
> don't need the port because I found another that does what I need).
> Is there any way to safely go through and see what is installed, what
> depends on it and deinstall those that I don't need/use?

There are runtime dependencies and there are build dependencies. After 
installing, you don't need the build dependencies anymore, but in some 
cases it might be more convenient to leave them there, like if you're 
going to track updates for those ports, or if many ports need it to 
build. To see which dependencies of each type that a particular 
installed package has, you can use: 

% pkg_info -rR packagename\*

That last backslash (escape) and asterix (wildcard) isn't necessary if 
you know the complete name of the installed package with the version 
number. You can see a brief listing of all packages on your system 

% pkg_info

And you can see all dependencies if you do:

% pkg_info -arR

For more, see man pkg_info.

- jt

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