Proliant 5000

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Tue Feb 1 22:14:04 PST 2005

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On Tuesday,  1 February 2005 at 21:54:18 -0800, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>>> 4 X 200MHz processors.
>>>> 512Mb RAM
>>>> Scsi hardware raid controller.
>>> That may be your problem.
>> Depends on the RAID controller.  Both my machines have RAID
>> controllers (2DH).  See
>> it seems that 5.1
>> panicked.  I'm pretty sure I had no trouble with 5.3, though.
>>> If the system has an EISA raid array card you cannot install
>>> FreeBSD on it.  There is a bug in the compaq raid driver it won't
>>> work on eisa.
>> I don't think these machines are *that* old.
> Greg, yes they are.  Here's a writeup on the 5000:

Yes, this is about the age I was expecting.  The specs are pretty
close to my 6500.  I didn't realize, that the older RAID cards were
EISA, but it's not clear from the article whether they were shipped
with the 5000.

> If he has an EISA raid card in there he can replace it with one of these:
> which will probably boot FreeBSD just fine.

Definitely.  This is the 2DH I'm referring to above.

> I don't mean to send you away, that auction lists $4 for the raid
> card that should work.  But I do understand that there are folks who
> wouldn't even spend the $4.

Look at the shipping costs.  That's another $13 before you get

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