MySql Load balancing Solutions?

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Tue Feb 1 18:21:53 PST 2005


I am part of a team running MySQL 4.1.X on 5 machines in a replication
setup. Our first way to help manage load is the use of useful rules in
our connection classes to direct "W"rites to our big server with fast I/O
and memory and directing "R"reads to our slower I/O less RAM slaves only.

This one step in itself has done a LOT for keeping uptimes high and
queries fast.

A positive advantage is that the 5 machines allows us the opportunity to
change the configuration if say one fails we can promote another slave to
take that position or in the case of the "W"rite server we can promote a
slave to a "W"rite server until the original "W"rite server can be recovered.

As well whether you use C/C++, Java, PHP or some other scripting language
to access your database it shouldn't be too hard to write some sort of
algorithm in your connection to spread the connections across your host

When it comes to management I won't lie, 4.0.XX's handling of Replication
was tough. Since though we've made the move to 4.1.X our problems have
become less and less.

A final advantage to having seperate machines in a replication setup is
the ability to upgrade a segment or machine to a newer MySQL version to
see how it will operate on your hardware/OS and with your programs. We did
this with our move from 4.0.XX to 4.1.X by taking 2 slaves out of the main
loop, promoting one to the new 4.1.X master and the other slave to a new
4.1.X slave. After testing in pre-production we proceeded with the
deployment on our other 3 boxes.

INFO: Our 5 machine replication setup consists of:

1) 1 - 4 x P4 Xeon Compaq Server ("W"rite DB Server)
2) 4 - 1 x P3 Compaq Servers ("R"ead DB Server)

NOTE: On a smaller scale on my home network I do the same on three
machines all sub-server class. I still have great reliability and "robust"
performance from such a simple design.

I hope this information is helpful, I know it works well for us.


On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, Drumslayer wrote:

> Hi
>  I have been running a fairly heavy duty server for
> MySQL on FreeBSD but its starting to peak. I would
> like to know what others have done as far as using a
> load balancing solution for MySQL or their success
> with replication.
>  Also has anyone done a 64 bit build of MySQL on
> FreeBSD successfully?
>  Thanks!
>   M.
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