Load Balanceing Recommendations

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Tue Feb 1 16:22:06 PST 2005

--- Nick Pavlica <linicks at gmail.com> wrote:

> All,
>   I  have been searching for a load balancing
> tool/method for managing
> the traffic going to my web servers(http(s)).  I
> have found a number
> of tools/methods out there, but haven't found any
> that stand out as
> the "Common Solution" to this task on FreeBSD (I may
> be overlooking
> the obvious :)).  I'm currently testing on FreeBSD
> 4.11 and 5.3 on
> x86.
> - What method/tool do you use or recommend based on
> your production experience?

 Hi Nick
 I have been using a product from a company called
Redline (I think it's redlinenetworks.com )
 It's hardware based but Ok in price but it scales
nicely, is easy to manage and their support has been

  It's OS agnostic but I use it with FreeBSD with
great success.

> Thanks for the feedback.
> --Nick Pavlica
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