Video Capture, TV tuner devices

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Tue Feb 1 14:02:24 PST 2005

You can get the Hauppauge PVR drivers running, though its a manual job...

hope this helps..


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On Tuesday 01 February 2005 6:23 pm, Roland Smith wrote:
> AFAICT, the only video driver in the kernel is the 'bktr' driver, which
> supports cards based on the bt848/bt848a/bt849a/bt878/bt879 chipset. See
> paragraph 7.5 of the Handbook.

Yes, I've read that. I have found a Linux site that has an entire list of
cards supported by the Linux Brooktree driver and was not sure if that would
apply to FreeBSD, not sure if the FreeBSD driver is based on the linux work.


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