apache+SSL, which port?

albi albi at scii.nl
Tue Feb 1 09:49:02 PST 2005

Mark Ovens wrote:

> Anyway, it's all working now, except that when I try to connect to 
> squirrelmail in a browser I just get a directory listing of 
> /usr/local/www/squirrelmail.
> I've reinstalled squirrelmail and run the configure script. Alias in 
> httpsd.conf is copied from the old httpd.conf:
>     Alias /squirrelmail/ "/usr/local/www/squirrelmail/"
>     <Directory "/usr/local/www/squirrelmail">
>         Options Indexes FollowSymlinks MultiViews
>         AllowOverride None
>         Order allow,deny
>         Allow from all
>     </Directory>

did you enable the index.php (DirectoryIndex) and other php-lines
in the httpd.conf and load the php-module ?

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