how can i find out which modules are loaded in apache

Chad Morland cmorland at
Tue Feb 1 09:48:57 PST 2005

httpd -l will only show you the compiled in modules. If you built your
other modules as DSOs then you will not see them listed. The easiest
way to see what modules you are using is the LoadModule directive in

To see what options apache was compiled with, if you still have the
source lying around you can look at config.cache and that should show
you what options apache was built with.

If you rebuild your apache, it will not overwrite your current
httpd.conf if it detects one.

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 11:08:46 -0500, Ken Hawkins <ken at> wrote:
> I have installed apache13 and it is running however when i run;
> 'httpd -l' I see this:
> Compiled-in modules:
>   http_core.c
>   mod_so.c
> suexec: disabled; invalid wrapper /usr/local/sbin/suexec
> I am running as root on the box and am trying to make sure that
> mod_alias is part of apache. it looks like it is not however since
> their is a BIG hole in between _core.s and _so.c
> what is the easiest path to installing apache13 with ssl and mod_alias?
> I also have php4-pear, mysql, phpbb and phpmyadmin installed on the box
> so, will just make reinstal apache13 destroy all my settings here? I
> have to ask to make sure that I catch all the configuration files such
> as httpd.conf, php.ini, etc.
> how can i find out all the flags that are available to set for
> make/make install for the apache13 port? (rookie question)
> thanks,
> ken;
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