FreeBSD + Apache2 + PHP + MySQL ?

Joseph Koenig (jWeb) joe at
Tue Feb 1 09:14:27 PST 2005


I'm getting ready to begin moving sites from an old web server to a new one.
I've been reading about Apache 2 and it looks like it offers some great new
features, but I'm concerned about the stability of it. I've seen a number of
issues with memory leaks, etc, which concerns me because this server will
get a decent amount of traffic. There's about 200 web sites on it that total
about 1.5 million hits per day. Has anyone had any experience with Apache 2,
PHP, & MySQL on FreeBSD 5.3 in a production environment? Any input would be
appreciated. Please CC me on responses. Thanks,

Joe Koenig
Production Manager
jWeb New Media Design
joe at

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