Perl modules

peter.lidell at peter.lidell at
Tue Feb 1 02:07:00 PST 2005


I have to do thise things:

A) if Perl is installed from pkg_add and not the ports, uninstall it.
pkg_delete -f perl5.8
B) add ENABLE_SUIDPERL=true to /etc/make.conf
C) cd to /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8
D) make -DENABLE_SUIDPERL"TRUE" install clean
E) re-install all the perl modules from the ports.
F) Follow the QMR manual to the T!!!

The "Re-install of the perl modules from ports" part.... How do I do that? How do I id all my perl modules and is there a way to re-install them all together?
Hope you all can help me out.
Thanks for your time.

Kind regards


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