asus a8n-sli deluxe

Little Wooden Boy notesoncircumscribingthesky at
Wed Aug 31 22:08:01 GMT 2005

As the hardware section told me I used the built in nvidia ethernet interface,
at the time I first checked there was nothing about the nve hanging,
but now it does, BUT i also get this

 panic: nve_ifstart : attempted use of a free mbuf!
 cpuid = 0
 KDB: enter: panic
 [thread pid 35 tid 100034]
 stopped at kdb_enter+0x2f:nop

which is fair enough, but I cannot enter anything into db> because teh
whole machine then either hangs or reboots, anyone else having the
same problem?

I'm a bit new to BSD (been a linux user for about 2.5 years) so we may
need babysteps ;)

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