portsnap and updates using cron

martin hudec corwin at aeternal.net
Wed Aug 31 16:30:19 GMT 2005


On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 02:07:57AM +1000 or thereabouts, Norberto Meijome wrote:
> man ktrace
> man kdump
> in a nutshell: ktrace shows the kernel calls that a process is 
> executing. It creates a dump file which you can view with kdump. similar 
> (better actually) than strace and whatever other ?trace found in linux.

  Hmmm, thanks for info, this kstuff is really much much better than
  strace :). Never heard of that, but now I am pretty impressed. Thanks.

> then it seems it's a portsnap problem and not cron...get it working in 
> your normal shell first and then focus on automating it. (btw, what's 
> wrong with (cd /usr/ports/ ; make update)  , or a cvsup cmd line?)

  Portsnap is working pretty well in normal shell. I was using cvsup
  before portsnap, but now, as portsnap is being part of base system I
  am considering to switch to it on all our production servers. I am
  also going to give a try to make update in /usr/ports.

  Thank you!

martin hudec

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