mail malady - dns/postfix

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Wed Aug 31 15:53:09 GMT 2005

Jerod Prothe wrote:
> Norberto Meijome wrote:
>> Jerod,
>> pls define 'local citizens'. My view of "local" is surely different to 
>> yours.
> Good question:  local as in residents down the street in the same small 
> town

:) it's not so much an issue of "physical" proximity but network , which 

>> and MX:
>>      MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =
>> internet address =
> Otto is not supposed to handle mail for our domain AT ALL.  It shouldn't 
> be. 

Well, it isn't (as the telnet otto 25 test shows, there's nothing 
listening, unless there's a firewall blocking that port). The real 
problem is that some computers/servers haven't noticed the change in the 
DNS records yet. i.e., when they try to find out the MX for 
they'll get :      MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

which is obviously wrong. these are DNS servers serving requests for 
other people. These servers have learnt your zone with the old data and 
obviously they haven't udpated yet as the data hasn't expired yet,as 
defined in your SOA.

> Our ISP does want to have our MX records since they do not host our 
> dns, at least that was what their representative said when I told her of 
> my network changes.

I assume is 'does *not* want'...yeah, they can be like that. ::shrug:: 
their business, they must have their (right/wrong) reasons.

>> so it seems that, to begin with, you have some inconsistency in what 
>> we can see of your network, the answers i'm seeing from this USA-based 
>> NS being the old ones.
>> Notice that from USA, I'm getting MX pointing to otto., which it seems 
>> not to be taking connections on tcp/25. galley  OTOH smtp listening on 
>> tcp/25.
>>> There may be more at stake here:  If this doesn't work well, then any 
>>> credibility that I have with my employer concerning using open-source 
>>> may be exhausted.
>> this doesnt seem at all a problem of 'MS is better than OS' or 
>> otherwise (wont enter in that argument anyway) - just DNS not 
>> propagated yet, and not much you can do about that but to wait it out, 
>> other than giving otto's IP to galley for the time being so  all smtp 
>> traffic goes to the box that is working.
> I'm not making it out to be an os holy war, but the powers that be say 
> "but we've always used Windows, why use something else?"

:) dont go there. just ignore that comment about MS/others and make sure 
you understand the DNS issue at hand.

I'll say this again:
 >> not much you can do about that but to wait it out,
 >> other than giving otto's IP to galley for the time being so  all smtp
 >> traffic goes to the box that is working.

over time (depending on your SOA) this will get fixed.

  > galley should be the sole handler of mail, coming and going.  Otto
> should have nothing to do with our services anymore. 

otto is still listed as your NS in the 'updated' zone, and in your whois 

> Notice that I'm 
> able to send and receive to this list without any trouble.  My computer 
> (this is my first month at this job) was statically set to use otto for 
> lookups. So is every other computer at my employment.  I know I'll need 
> to change everyone's settings (probably a Labor Day weekend project.)

why not use DHCP? one change only in all the clients (change from static 
to dhcp and you're set, centrally manage your tcpip settings). Just make 
sure you a) test your settings before releasing ; b) start with a short 
dhcp lease (10 minutes? 30 ? depending on number of hosts , load,etc), 
so problematic settings can 'go away' quicker. Same applies for dns, as 
you have noticed ;)

> I really do appreciate your response.

np :)

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