portsnap and updates using cron

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Wed Aug 31 13:56:25 GMT 2005

martin hudec wrote:

>  I am using portsnap to update my ports tree like following:
>  1. Calling portsnap cron from root's cron
>  2. Updating ports tree using portsnap -I update from root's cron
>  But it does not update anything by portsnap cron. In
>  /usr/local/etc/portsnap.conf I have:
>  WORKDIR=/usr/local/portsnap
>  PORTSDIR=/usr/ports
>  Files in WORKDIR are dated to Aug 25. So I assume calling portsnap
>  cron results in failure (both with -f /usr/local/etc/portsnap.conf or
>  without it).
>  Can anyone advise me on this one please?

Not sure.  Check the logs, etc.  If you're familiar with ktrace,
kdump, etc., you could follow the program's progress if you
find no log information.

How are you calling the program from cron(8)?  I'm sure that
you are aware of cron's limited environment; one result of this
is that you generally need to supply full pathnames to any command
you want cron(8) to run for you.

Is cron sending you any mail about this job?

Grasping at straws,

Kevin Kinsey

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