Detailed DNS setup ?

kilim kilim at
Wed Aug 31 12:21:02 GMT 2005


I'm about to set up named under FreeBSD 5.4. 

I have read all the documentation, O'Reily book and various sites
telling me how to go about things. But I fear that just reading about
it and doing it are completely different things.

What I would like to do is write a list of things that I need to do in
order to have my setup up and running. I would appreciate if you give
it a look and point out any mistakes that I might have made.

Thank you.

Here it goes:

1. In the /etc/rc.conf put the name of my domain as hostname, right ?


2. Then add named_enable="yes" also to the /etc/rc.conf ?

3. I'd like to run named in the chrooted directory and handbook's
   24.6.8 section has a write up about it. Yet in /etc/defaults/
   there is a knob: named_chroot_autoupdate="YES".

   Does this imply that even if I don't follow the steps in 24.6.8 but
   just the steps preceding it, in the 24.6.6 up to 24.6.8, will make
   the named chrooted ?

I'd like to get the answer to these questions (well question
no. 3. really) before I proceed to write further as the rest of the
write up depends on them.

Thank you again !

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