3ware raid disks requiring fsck ing,

Gerald de la Pascua geralddelapascua at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 10:11:19 GMT 2005

I have started getting failures on a freebsd 4.x machine running 3ware card, 
the machine had been crashing from time to time, and it crashed and would 
not reboot saying noufs. 
 Replacing the 3ware card ( a 7002 I think, the older 2 port ones) with a 
7006 fixed this issue, but since then I have been getting crashes every few 
weeks/months, where the machine needs to do fsck's on the file partiitions, 
to come back to life. this is odd for a raid system, and didn't seem to 
happen before. 
 I am thinking perhaps there is a hardware issue on this machine, and 
perhaps it fails under load ? 
 does anyone have any experience of this? 
might the change of card be significant ?
 kind regards, 
 Gerald de la Pascua

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