rc.conf - setting interface UP without IP-address?

Ewald Jenisch a at jenisch.at
Wed Aug 31 09:02:51 GMT 2005


I'm looking for a way to set an interface UP using /etc/rc.conf
without giving the interface an IP-address (i.e. neither static nor

Background: The machine in question has three Ethernet-IFs - one
connects to the LAN (and has an IP-address) the other two are used for
monitoring traffic via ethereal only. For security reasons I don't
want to assign IP-addresses to the two "ethereal-only" interfaces -
but I need them "UP".

Sure enough I can "up" these interfaces manually but I want them up at

I've tried with entries like e.g.


in my /etc/rc.conf - none of these work.

So what should I configure in /etc/rc.conf in order to get the
interfaces UP?

BTW - ethereal only recognizes interfaces that are in the "UP" state.

Thanks much in advance for any clue,

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