Proliant 5000 sever Fbsd 5.4 (re)boot problem

Robert Slade bsd at
Wed Aug 31 08:37:58 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 07:01, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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> >Did you follow my suggestion and search the HP resources with
> >freebsd and your
> >model.  I have had the same problem myself I am pretty certain
> >it was fixed
> >by changes using the Proliant Essrntial Foundation Pack.. but
> >my memory may
> >not be accurate.
> Yeah, what a awful design!  You have to load an entire full-blown
> Windows install just to update the microcode in the SCSI raid
> controller.  I saw they had done this the last time I setup a
> Compaq server and nearly barfed.
> You can still firmware update the machines' BIOS with a bootable
> floppy but that's it.  To get anything else, helo Windows!
> At least you get the satisfaction of scratching it off once you've
> done the update.
> Ted
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Thanks Ted & David,

The HP site does not turn up anything about FreeBSD and the Proliant.
However I have found out that the Smart-2 family controllers do have an
update. There is a Linux version of the flash utility so I'll try that


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