suidperl unable to find

Dark Star dead_line at
Wed Aug 31 07:41:10 GMT 2005

Hello Gurus,

    I'm not sure this issue is for this list, but anyhow I would like to 
have this small help.

    Im on FreeBSD 4.8, fresh installed, and ports up to date.

    both perl-5.6.2_2   and perl-5.8.7  are installed, use.perl port and 
rehash has been done.

    I cannot locate the file suidperl ? althou perl is installed,

    when I do search for suidperl the result shows only in 
    and in /usr/bin I could find suidperl.freebsd

    shall i do rename suidperl.freebsd to suidperl ?
    or I did some mistake that is taking out suidperl ?

    How do i enable/install suidperl to be located in /usr/bin/

    Thanks for the help.

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