well-supported multiport serial cards

Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Wed Aug 31 04:30:16 GMT 2005

At 08:31 PM 8/30/2005, Charles Sprickman wrote:
>I'm curious about what multiport (8, 16, 32 port) serial cards 
>people have had good luck with.  I'm currently using two 8-port 
>RocketPort cards in a console server, and while they generally work, 
>I have to use the undocumented "nrp" driver to have more than one 
>card work at a time, and on some boots I still end up with only one 
>card being identified.
>So in short, what are others using that works?  Does anyone have a 
>clear idea of which are actively maintained?

I'm not familiar with the "nrp" driver, but in 5.4 the man page for 
rp(4) indicates that it should work fine with as many as 4 cards in a 
single system.


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