upgrading perl -ports

Norberto Meijome freebsd at meijome.net
Wed Aug 31 02:31:50 GMT 2005

Zan wrote:
>> 5.8 is from ports. 5.0.6. i think, is system based
> In my 'usr/local/BIN' perl5.8.0 already exists.


>> you need to install the perl from ports before using "use.perl port".
> What I want to know is how to switch to 5.8.0 WITHOUT using "use.perl 
> port" because I already tried that, and it does not work!

what do you mean / how do you know 'it doesnt work'. It has always 
worked fine for me, both on a full system and jails.

It will add some options to /etc/rc.conf. You will have to rebuild all 
perl-related ports so it starts using the perl from ports rather than 
from system

>> virtual hoster? can you download the ports collection and use it? 
>> (check that you can compile first ;) )
> Yes, I am on a virtual hosting account, and am very enthralled with 
> freebsd.

;-) welcome aboard!


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