VNC + SSH question..

Eric Murphy eam404 at
Wed Aug 31 00:32:24 GMT 2005

Hey guys had a SSH forward question so here goes...

I have 2 computers on my lan one of them is a server and the other is my 


Now I have port forwarding setup on my crappy linksys router so 22 is 
pointing to my Server (

My question is this...

I would like to tightVNC to my Desktop ( forwarding it 
through SSH.  Now from what I understand If my router was pointing to my 
desktop this would not be a problem at all.  All I would have to do is 
SSH to my IP while forwarding 22 to 5900.  However I cant do it this way 
since 22 is pointing to my server.  So I figured I would ssh into my 
server and issue a command such as ssh  
-L22: however once im in and I run vncview it 
obivoiusly can be displayed becuase Im not running X on the server.  Am 
I way off here? Is there a way to do this? Will I need to forward 22 on 
my router to the desktop as well as server? Is there a way to connect to 
my server thats not running X and some how vnc into my desktop?

On the remote machines I'd be useing PuTTY for windows and SSH on Linux 
box's.  Prehaps someone can give me a step by step guide?


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