Proliant 5000 sever Fbsd 5.4 (re)boot problem

Robert Slade bsd at
Tue Aug 30 19:05:40 GMT 2005


I've been working on this beasty on and off for some time. It's a Quad
processor 1 Gbyte of memory and 5 scsi drives using the 2p raid
controller setup as 2 raid arrays + 1 spare.

The machine works fine with 5.4 release #0 with the supplied generic

The problem(s) I have been having are:

1. When I recompiled the Kernel with SMP support, I get random reboots.
It also fails to boot sometimes failing at the point after waiting for
the scsi drives to settle. I get some error codes and Fbsd fails to find
the boot device. 

2. I CVSuped to 5.4 release #2 and recompiled the Kernel with SMP
support. This does to boot at all. It gets as far as the waiting 15s for
scsi devices to settle, then (appears to) reset the scsi controller and
immediately tries to access the drives (does not wait). I have tried
recompiling with scsi_delay set to 30000 (30s) with no change.

I have checked dmesg and message logs but there is nothing related to
the problem(s) there.

I have gone back to the 5.4 release #0 single processor kernel for now
which is a shame as the machine is slow without the multi processor

The only thing out of the ordinary I have noted is a tx underunn --
increasing threshold to 512 bytes  message which appears related to
running kde remotely via vncserver and tinync.

Any ideas, I can send conf files etc if needed.




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