FreeBSD 5.2.1 and Qt library

Miguel Cárdenas mfcardenas at
Tue Aug 30 16:48:36 GMT 2005

Hello list...

I have a little problem compiling Qt-based programs, when running 'make' get 
the following error:

bash$ make
( cd /src/moc ; make )
cd: can't cd to /src/moc
*** Error code 2

and then stops. Am using the Qt that comes with the FreeBSD 5.2.1

Note that the program compiles perfectly under Linux, so it is not the configuration file generated by qmake, it tries to 'cd /src/moc' 
that obviously does not exist.

I asked on Trolltech mailing list and they said it was a distribution problem, 
so that I should ask at FreeBSD mailing list... they suggested me to check 
for the QTDIR environment variable, and it is not set...

How can I setup the QTDIR variable? I did it by hand using export in bash 
shell, but want to do it automatically while booting, which script or 
configuration file should I use? In Linux I use /etc/profile but am new to 
FreeBSD, just am porting a Qt software...


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