crontab : day-of-month support for last-day-of-month

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Aug 30 15:17:47 GMT 2005

Nicolas Blais wrote:

>Does our crontab allow the use of "L" (as found on 
>in the day-of-month field which would allow for a job to run on a 31th or feb 
>It would be useful for certain apps like /www/awstats to update their database 
>on the last hour of the month since putting the cron job on the 1st of the 
>month makes the software update in a new month and putting it on the 30th of 
>the month might loose 1 day.

As Lowell noted, "last day" isn't an option currently.  Any number of
scripting languages, though, are capable of handling this.

Here was a solution we came up with, using PHP, a couple years

I'm sure something like this, or better, would be possible
with PERL, ruby, etc., or possibly even sh/bash, though I've
not tried.


Kevin Kinsey

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