Setting up a home network with FreeBSD (not connected to the Internet yet)

Will Maier willmaier at
Tue Aug 30 14:06:36 GMT 2005

On Mon, Aug 29, 2005 at 08:45:12PM -0700, Maude User wrote:
> I was able to borrow someone's keyboard and monitor to install FreeBSD onto
> the server - but after HTTP and FTP and NFS are set up I was hoping I could
> return the keyboard and monitor and be able to install and configure any
> additional packages using the laptop as the console. The laptop has an
> internal CD-RW. The server has a USB CD-RW - but no monitor or keyboard.

> Is this just a simple "intranet" I'm setting up here?  Can anyone point me
> to documentation that would answer the following types of questions:

> - What sort of cables should I get?

To connect the laptop and 1U via ethernet? Crossover cables (as opposed to
patch cables).

> - Since the server won't be connected to the Internet for now, can I pick
> any old IP address, host name and domain name?

Sure. That said, I usually set up test hosts like that using private IPs
(10.X.X.X, 172.16.X.X, 192.168.X.X) out of habit. The laptop needs to be in
the same subnet, though, as the server. So, if the 1U is, the laptop
should be something like (depends on the netmask you choose).

> - Once the network is set up, can I use something like SSH or Webmin from
> the laptop to install and configure packages on the server, without
> attaching a keyboard and monitor?

Yes. Just as you would use ssh to administer the 1U when it's at the
datacenter, you can use ssh to play with it at home. Webmin is accessed via
HTTP; once it's installed and configured on the 1U, connect to the 1U's IP
address in your browser.

> - What security should I be setting up NOW, so that the server will be
> secure once it goes co-lo?

The usual: ensure you're running as few services as possible (`sockstat -4` to
see what's listening on the network), prepare an update and backup scheme for
the system and its applications (apply updates now and plan for updates in the
future), lock down user accounts, etc. Subscribe to the FreeBSD security
mailing list[0] and read updates.



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