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Will Maier willmaier at
Tue Aug 30 13:53:44 GMT 2005

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 09:19:01AM -0400, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Will Maier <willmaier at> writes:
> > I'm running a ~2 days old FreeBSD 5.3-SECURITY install; I'm still getting my
My apologies -- should read: 5.4-SECURITY.

> > I've also been reading /u/p/UPDATING before actually running portupgrade;
> > today I noticed that the Perl 5.8.6->5.8.7 upgrade required running a script
> > afterwards. I then ran portupgrade, which updated Perl, Ruby and some other
> > ports. It failed on firefox and gtk20, however, because it couldn't find
> >

> > I then tried to run perl-after-upgrade, but the Perl interpreter won't run
> > because it can't find either. Symlinking /l/ ->
> > /l/ gets rid of the error, but then the interpreter complains about a
> > crypt library...symlinking each of the required libs seems a) unlikely to be a
> > good solution in the end and b) hackish, plus I'm not even sure it *really*
> > makes the interpreter any happier.

Rebuilding Perl fixed this problem; rebuilding all the ports fixed other
linking-related issues that came up.

> > Have I missed some important step? The OS itself is kept up-to-date using
> > freebsd-update, although I don't *think* this would affect eg Perl.

> Sure it will, if it updates you to have a different dynamic library name
> than the one your programs are linked against.  

Of course; I'm unused to rebuilding so often ; ). I'll get the hang of it.
Like I said, I'm still getting my feet wet.

> I don't use freebsd-update, but I'd like to point out that is on
> FreeBSD 6.x, not 5.x.  So you don't seem to be running the base system you
> think you are.

Hmm. I base my statement off the output from `uname -a`:

FreeBSD `hostname` 5.4-SECURITY FreeBSD 5.4-SECURITY #0: Wed Jul 20 08:57:11 \
UTC 2005     root at  i386

Thanks for the help!


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