bind9 issue?

Chris Knipe savage at
Tue Aug 30 10:09:13 GMT 2005


I'm not on the bind9 mailing lists, hopefully someone can help me out here, 
or as I suspect, perhaps just fill in a bug report....

My server has a primary IP, with various aliases:
x.x.x.136 (Primary)
x.x.x.131 (Alias)

options {
  listen-on port 53 { x.x.x.131; };
  query-source address x.x.x.131 port 53;
  transfer-source x.x.x.131;

Yes, notifies at my slave, comes from x.x.x.136!!!!  The slave thus, 
complains notify from non master (because 136 is not a name server), and as 
such, no updates happens on my slaves.

How can I force bind9 to send notifies from the query-source address?  IMHO, 
if bind uses the query-source address do to lookups, it *should* also use 
this address to send notifies - hence, my initial claim above re bug...

Can anyone perhaps confirm this?? Alternatively, give some pointers to a 
working way for the above scenario?


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