rsync and moving files [Re: backup w/ snapshots]

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein-freebsd-questions at
Tue Aug 30 07:37:26 GMT 2005

* Norberto Meijome [2005-08-30 02:14 +1000]
>  I take your word wrt to how it works. Assuming of course that you move 
>  within the same filesystem.

Yes, I'm talking about the same filsystem.

>  (touche). yup, that's what would happen....but tha's the nature of the beast
>  :) don't keep too many snapshots ? ;)
>  it'd be great if you could keep a log of all local-mv operations,and then
>  replay them remotely via ssh.

Yes, I thought about that myself. Only I thought I'd keep a list of 
filename/inode pairs from each sync, so before I do a sync I could compare 
the lists to find out which files appears to be the same, only with a new 
name. Then rename those files remotely. In cases where a inode-match does 
not represent a relink, but just plain inode recycling, so what? Rsync 
will make the new file up to date.

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