Logo Contest Update?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Tue Aug 30 05:29:06 GMT 2005

Quite obviously nobody submitted anything that the contest
organizers were happy with.

You should be e-mailing logo-contest at FreeBSD.org as is listed in
http://logo-contest.freebsd.org/ rather than stirrring up trouble
on this list.  Whenever this topic has come up in the past on
this list the majority of posters have been opposed to changing


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>OK, two months ago tomorrow the logo contest will have ended
>and there still hasn't been any information about the status of
>the contest. I was going to wait until the release of 6.0 to
>send this question out but that may not be for a while yet.
>Does anyone have any information on the contest status?
>I'm not saying that I need to know who the winner is but it'd
>be nice to know how many the choices are down to, or when it is
>expected that the winner will be announced.
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