setting up 2 VIRTUAL_HOSTS under mailman.

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Aug 29 23:08:01 GMT 2005

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	If none of the mailman gurus here want to bother with it, 
> 	ok, I'll re-singup to the mailman lists.  I just want to
> 	set up two virtual lists. I can usually get more out of 
> 	reading the src code than the documentation, and
> 	Mailman/ was
> 	into which I added {'', ''}

The comment before explains:

# Set up your virtual host mappings here.  This is primarily used for the
# thru-the-web list creation, so its effects are currently fairly limited.
# Use add_virtualhost() call to add new mappings.  The keys are strings as
# determined by Utils.get_domain(), the values are as appropriate for

VIRTUAL_HOMES={'': '', '': 

...where realname is the hostname of the listserver machine running Mailman. 
You can probably use regexs like '*' as a key, too.


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