Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Mon Aug 29 19:38:59 GMT 2005

On 2005-08-29 12:25, John Larson <johnwlarson3rd at> wrote:
> I have a peer to peer network with on freebsd 4.11 apache2, mysql,
> imagemagick, perl with two user accounts.  I have a problem with mail
> program. when I send email between users I can see it in in mail/new
> but mail won't read it. I have set the folder to mail/new even tried
> absolute path to root no joy. There is a /etc/mail.rc but no info
> about making mail(the program) read the mail in mail/new thank you

mail/new seems to suggest that you are using "Maildir-style" folders.

Does "mail/" also contain "cur" and "tmp" folders?

The mail(1) utility of FreeBSD can't read Maildirs, so you'll have to
find a mail reader that supports this format, or switch to plain
"mbox-style" folders.

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