Boot loader won't start windows on other HD

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Aug 29 18:02:36 GMT 2005

Barnaby Scott wrote:

>I know questions like this have been asked before, but I can't find a
>straight answer! Forgive me though if I have missed one.
>I have a Windows 2000 machine into which I wanted to put an extra hard
>disk to run FreeBSD. In my pre-installation reading, I noticed that
>FreeBSD offers a mechanism to boot alternative operating systems, so I
>opted to put the new FreeBSD disk as 0, and move the original Windows one
>to position 1.
>Installation went fine, and I opted to install with the bootloader, and
>sure enough, on startup I get a little menu saying:
>F1   FreeBSD
>F5   Disk 1
>If I press F1, FreeBSD boots as expected.
>However, if I press F5 (it seems I have to do this twice otherwise I get
>FreeBSD again), I get a prompt saying
>Default: 0:ad(0,a)/boot/loader
>Now what?
>It doesn't seem to matter what I put here, it won't make Windows start. Is
>there something particular I should enter? Have I missed something else?
>Please, if you reply, go easy with me - there is a strong chance I won't
>understand! If you want to suggest that I copy something to somewhere for
>instance, or install something, *please* spell out in words of one
>how. I dont' want to be spoon-fed for ever, but I haven't even got off the
>initial prompt after login yet!!
Try swapping your disks over.  I always have to set my BIOS to "boot" 
(i.e. pick up MBR)  from my windows disk or windows just reboots the 


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