James james at
Mon Aug 29 17:16:39 GMT 2005

On Friday 17 June 2005 05:39 am, Stephen P. Cravey wrote:
> I'm having trouble gettign tripwire to update the database. When I run:
> tripwire --update -v
> I get the following:
> Tripwire(R) for BSD
> Tripwire 2.3 Portions copyright 2000 Tripwire, Inc. Tripwire is a
> registered trademark of Tripwire, Inc. This software comes with
> ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --version. This is free software
> which may be redistributed or modified only under certain conditions;
> see COPYING for details. All rights reserved.
> Opening configuration file: /usr/local/etc/tripwire/tw.cfg
> This file is encrypted.
> Opening key file: /usr/local/etc/tripwire/site.key
> Opening key file: /usr/local/etc/tripwire/
> Opening database file: /var/db/tripwire/
> This file is encrypted.
> Opening report file:
> /var/db/tripwire/report/
> ### Error: File could not be opened.
> ### Filename:
> #/var/db/tripwire/report/ ## No such
> #file or directory ## Exiting...
> I have verified that the file:
> /var/db/tripwire/report/
> can be written by root (duh), but i cannot figure out why I'm getting
> the error. Ideas?
> -Stephen


I remeber getting such an error and it having to do with the date of creation 
in the file name. The day the database report was created and the day the 
update is run are different and the update is trying to find a report with 
the current date and not the date of creation.

You will find that using "tripwire -m c -I" will:

1) check the database
2) create the report for the current day
3) open the report in the editor specified in tw.cfg (default is vi)
4) allow you to adjust what you want updated in the database
5) update the database after you exit vi.

Upon exit you will be prompted for your local passphrase and then the updated 
database will be writen.


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