pkgdb usage guide

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Aug 29 00:56:17 GMT 2005

Vizion <vizion at> writes:

> It would be most appreciated if someone who is familiar with the use
> of pkgdb could either point to a user guide that tells one how & in
> what circumstances to use the various interactive options offered by
> this utility or maybe help to draft an faq on it.

How about the following?

     The pkgdb command is a tool to create or update the system
     package database which is used by the portupgrade(1) tool suite.
     It maintains a hash that maps an installed file to a package
     name, a hash that maps a package to an origin, and a list of
     installed packages.

     pkg_which looks in the package database to tell which package
     each specified file came from.  If the database is outdated but
     you do not have permission to update it, it delegates tasks to

     Actually, pkgdb and pkg_which are the same command, and are

     The pkgdb command also works as an interactive tool for fixing
     the pack- age registry database when -F is specified.  It helps
     you resolve stale dependencies, unlink cyclic dependencies,
     complete stale or missing origins and remove duplicates.  You
     should run this command periodically so portupgrade(1) and other
     pkg_* tools can work effectively and reliably.

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