gnome2 and packages cleanup

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Mon Aug 29 00:41:27 GMT 2005

On 8/28/05, Mario Hoerich <spambox at> wrote:
> # Gareth Campbell:
> > I was installing gnome2 from the ports collection (on dial-up!) and it
> > took like 3 days of constant work when it finally ran out of space on my
> > /usr drive (only using a 6.4gig).  I thought this would be more than
> > enough, but alas...
> Did you run a 'make clean' in between?  During the build
> process, the work-directories are _not_ removed and they
> tend to eat up quite a lot of space.   The whole gnome
> probably isn't more than 300M installed (if that).

Yea what he said. If you have portupgrade installed you can run
"portsclean -CDP". then go into the x11/gnome2 metaport and run "make
install clean" to restart the build where it left off. you can also
tell make to prefetch all the src tarballs so you don't have to stay
online... but I forgot what it was called. you could also opt for the
x11/gnome2-lite metaport. otherwise you could maybe try pkg_delete -r
foobar, check the man page.

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