challenge with dummynet+ipfw

vladone vladone at
Sun Aug 28 21:19:39 GMT 2005

I want to organize my bandwith in this mode
# download section
            |                    |
            |                    |
          hight                 low
    priorized traffic       priorized
            |                    |
         512kbit/s               |
            |                    |
          user           |---------------|
        share same       |               |
        bandwith         |               |
                     300 kbit/s       512kbit/s
                         |               |
                         |               |
                         |               |
                     users share     users share
                    same bandwith   same bandwith

I want to use ipfw+dummynet. Solutions is to pass traffic that match
an rule to multiple pipe or queue with different weights. But how?
What is the precedence? (need sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass=0)
If any have an solutions please be explicity. I dont want to be easy,
but is significant in this case, in wich order apply rule, and how is
configured pipe and queue. For this reason, solutions please put in this form (example):

#section pipe and queue configuration
ipfw pipe 1 config .....
ipfw queue 8 config weight 3 pipe 6 ....

#section ipfw rules
ipfw add pipe 1 {match hight pri.}
ipfw add pipe 5 {match low pri. 300k same bandwith}
ipfw add queue 3 {match for hight pri. 512k same share}

I work for a time with dummynet. In this
example have an important to build some hierarchy with dummy.

P.S. this scheme is not changeable. Please refer to this situation.

                                            Thanks in advance!

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