running more than one server with one IP address

Rein Kadastik wigry at
Sun Aug 28 19:14:09 GMT 2005

You create a single gateway for all the services and then use the 
portforwarding. This way you can forward port 25 to host A, 80 to host B 
and so on. The hosts A and B have to be behind this gateway machine. 
Much the same way LAN gateways are done. If you have some more detailed 
questions, just drop a line.

David Banning wrote:

>Is it possible to run more than one server(machine) with one IP
>address? I have so many different server-applications running on my machine I
>would like to divide them up.
>Maybe using one machine email only, or use one for certain websites,
>and another for other websites. This would also allow me to take-down
>one machines for maintenance when necessary, or use one machine for
>more troubleshooting.
>Wondering if someone could even direct me to the terminology that I am 
>looking for so I can google it.

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