Mysql without linuxthreads on 5.4?

Matt Virus mattvirus at
Sun Aug 28 15:40:23 GMT 2005

In trying to install mysql40-server on a newly-installed and cvsup'd 5.4 
installation, while installing mysql the install process dies during the 
linuxthreads dependancy install.

I read that freebsd post-5.3 has a new threading method and linuxthreads 
shouldn't even be necessary.  In all my attempts to install mysql 
without linuxthreads i've been unsuccessful.  make install 
WITH_LINUXTHREADS=no, modifying /etc/make.conf, and other things all 
result in the mysql install process choking on linuxthreads.

I ran portupgrade to sync everything to current version (barely anything 
installed as it was a fresh install yesterday) and i still get the same 

Any help is appreciated
Matt Virus ("veer-iss")

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