Problem with Epia 800 and Freebsd 5.3

Lord Raiden me at
Sat Aug 27 22:16:16 GMT 2005

>What about installing 5.4-Release or -Stable? 5.4-Stable works fine here
>on an EPIA PD10000. If you still get the error, it might be hardware

         Yeah, I'm starting to pick up other problems too, so this might be 
a much bigger issue than just a nic card.  I had the 2nd HD get a dma 
failure and then lock the machine, so I guess I'm gonna have to pull it 
back out of service and run it on the bench for a while to be sure 
everything is fixed and running right again.  Doh.  And I just nicely got 
this off the bench.  :(

Steven Lake
Raiden's Realm

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