boot problem (stage 2 boot?)

Glenn Dawson glenn at
Sat Aug 27 21:57:02 GMT 2005

At 02:47 PM 8/27/2005, Gary W. Swearingen wrote:
>Glenn Dawson <glenn at> writes:
> > I doubt there's nothing wrong with the MBR per se, but if it's 
> looking in the wrong place for the third stage loader
> > you'll see exactly the problem you have.
>Where "it's" probably refers to "boot code", not to the MBR, which
>doesn't look for anything except the confusingly-named "first-stage"
>boot loader (same as /boot/boot1) in the first sector of your 4th
>primary partition.  Then that loads the second-stage boot loader (same
>as /boot/boot2) which gives the "boot:" prompt after failing to run
>/boot/loader and failing to run a kernel.
>It seems that finding boot1 and boot2 is possible with bad geometry,
>but finding /boot/loader or the kernel is not.   ???

The restriction on where stage 2 finds the stage 3 loader, 
/boot/loader, is that it must be on the 'a' partition.  Something like:


If it's somewhere else, like /dev/ad0s1e, then you'll land at the 
boot: prompt every time.


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