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Erik Nørgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Fri Aug 26 22:31:18 GMT 2005

Bassam Batshon wrote:
> hi 

hi, please, set a descriptive subject. If you can't provide a 
descriptive subject, it might be because you don't know what your 
problem is.

Maybe you didn't do your homework to narrow in on it? or maybe you're 
just asking random questions hoping someone will do it for you?

> is there anywhere i can find a 586 optimized freebsd

You can compile your kernel for the processor of your need, see the 

> why dosent freebsd support reiser4 isnt this supposed to be the fastest filesystem (www.namesys.com) for details and benchmarks

I think all filesystems are supposed to be the fastest, but not all meet 
that goal. Will the speed affect you in real life? If not, why does it 

It's usually a good idea to: first identify the problem, then the 
requirements for it's solution, then see what will solve your problem.

> what GUI does freeBSD kde or gnome or is it CUI

See the handbook, faq etc. The base system provides a console, you can 
install X and your favorite WM and choice of bloatware.

Cheers, Erik
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