See what raid arrays are?

Matt Juszczak matt at
Fri Aug 26 21:40:15 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way to see the RAID setup of a freebsd 
machine without rebooting it.  I Know I've got 5 drives in the system, and 
I know that da0 is 36 gig, da1 is 140 gig, and da2 is 18 gig, but I dont 
know how the five drives play out among those arrays.

I'm PRETTY sure (pretty sure!) that da0 is a raid 1 and da1 is a raid 1 
and da2 is just a stand alone 18 gig drive, but I'd love to know for sure.

dmesg doesn't say much, probably because this is hardware raid so the 
system itself only sees one drive even if there is more..... was wondering 
if there's a way to go above that restriction.



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