Interrupt Storm Dell PowerEdge 1850

John Straiton jks at
Fri Aug 26 20:53:32 GMT 2005

John Straiton <j... at> [2005-08-26 15:25:40 -0400]:

 >> While not a solution, I got this to go away by disabling the USB
 >> ports on the system in the BIOS. I only mention it because it's the
 >> only other "new" behaviour I'm seeing on this machine versus the
 >> other boxes I maintain.

 >Bad mobo perhaps? (I'm presuming the USB is intergrated into it.
 >Under 4.11, can you use the USB ports successfully?


Come to think of it, no. I tried using a USB keyboard in 4.11 and  
although I got a message on console to the effect of it seeing the  
keyboard I had just added, I was not able to log in until I swapped  
to a PS2 one.

I think I'm going to just load a WinServer image on it long enough to  
see what errors pop up in that realm and try to gather a more  
extensive list of behaviours.

Thanks for answering, 'till later..


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